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Pets & People Dog Treats

Our treats are made at an activity center for people with disabilities located in Dayton, OH.  Ourr dog treats provide income to a group of adults who posses a variety of skills and who have a range of abilities.  Together, the group  works to mix the dough, cut each treat, bake, and package each batch with care.  Many are pet lovers who take great pride in knowing that they provide a treat that dogs love.

Pets and People Dog Treats can be purchased in many retail outlets and they are an excellent source for FUNDRAISING for your church, athletic, or civic group.

Find our Treats at These Fine Stores

Dorothy Lane Markets
Siebenthaler Garden Center

Arrow Wine

Ele Bakery

Grocery Land

Youngs Jersey Dairy

Dots Market

Daytona Mills

Animal Resource Center
Gift Shops at the Kettering, Sycamore and Soin Medical Centers

                            And More....

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